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Scarlet Yum

I can make a difference – I can walk and run for those who can’t!

Thirty years ago, I rarely heard people talking about cancer; 30 years later, cancer are affecting a lot of people lives, directly or indirectly.

I remember when I was a little girl, my grandmother, who always gave me more food than my little tummy could hold. In April 2008, Spinal Metastases killed her, 2 months before my son, Ethan, was born. She did not have the opportunity to meet her first great grandson. During the 9 month of hospitalizing period, she was suffering, suffered a lot of pain & could not walk!

Now, my aunt, just 9 years older than me, is fighting with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. The feeling of sadness and loneliness are back again. Test after test, treatment after treatment, still no improvement. I feel that the cancer is killing her body; the disappointment is killing her spirit. She cannot support her family anymore; she cannot exercise or run anymore.
My aunt, my family are in Hong Kong and I cannot directly supporting them, but I know, I know I can make a difference here in my community, just take one step at a time!

On April 7th 2013, I took my 1st 5K training with Team of Hope. I run for myself, for my family, for all the cancer patients & their families.

I feel grateful for being able to run for those who can’t, and for the generous supporting of my teammates.

Thank you for all my friends,
Scarlet Yum

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