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Sharon Hopkins


I am Sharon Hopkins, from a wonderful city with a big heart, Prince Albert Saskatchewan. I started my journey with Team 4 Hope six years ago. Team 4 Hope is a Canadian running group that raises money for Neuroblastoma research. This ugly children’s cancer has few funding sources, so we work hard to raise dollars for seed money to secure grants for Neuroblastoma research at the Genome Centre and the Child and Family Research Institute in Vancouver.

Since the moment I joined Team 4 Hope, I have learned so much about myself. I now know that anything is possible if you really want to do it, Never Ever Give Up (NEGU) and also one foot in front of the other I will reach my goal. I have also learned a lot about others too. No matter how busy my team mates are with work and families, they give their time to work towards our fundraising efforts for Neuroblastoma research.

Team 4 Hope is following some little warriors who are battling cancer. Their stories keep me moving forward with fundraising and training. We are working hard to give these little ones, and their families, HOPE. These children are the true heroes. They keep fighting and working hard to overcome their sickness.

So why do I run? Why do I fundraise? I run and fundraise to help these little ones. Did I mention, that Neuroblastoma receives very little funding? Team 4 Hope along with a couple of other small groups are raising money for researchers to work on finding a cure. Every dollar counts!

I would like to ask for a tax deductable donation, whatever you can spare to assist with our efforts. Please help us give families HOPE! Team 4 Hope is proud of the fact that we give up to 87% to the research project. We are all volunteers with big hearts.

Thank you for those who have helped me reach my minimum goal of $4500.00 in the past. Your donation is making a huge difference. I am looking forward to raising this as a minimum again this year!


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